Welcome to the New Website!

Hey there!

So here we are! This is the new website. Looks pretty bare, huh? (Unless, of course, you’re reading this like a month or so from now, but whatevs.)

Anyway, so I’m Jayke R. Huempfner (and you’ll usually find me by the name JaykeBird online). I’m the brains behind the operation, and pretty much everything else behind the operation too. … Is this even really an operation? What- what is this? Well, project is the best word, I guess.


Anyway, so this website is where you’ll find all the information about Shine Calendar, the program I’m working on (as a project). When the website is all finally done, it’ll include a glorious blog that’s hopefully updated more than once every two months, a help section that hopefully answers all your questions, and more promo info about Shine than you shake a stick at! Hopefully that convinces you to give it a try lol.

Shine Calendar is a calendar application, meant to rival the likes of Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird. I’ve had issues with nearly every calendar application I’ve tried, and so I decided I wanted to make my own. If you wanna hear the whole story, you can read the original announcement post on the old blog.

I’ve been working really hard on Shine since even before I made that announcement. I’ve had more than a few weeks of little progress (and more than a few weeks of a buttload of progress) and I’m getting closer and closer to that fabled 1.0 release! *angelic choir*

For now, Shine is currently in an early beta form (it’s been in the beta phase for a while, I’ll admit, but now it’s more beta-y than it was before!). I’ll be working to release the next beta sometime in the near future, and Shine is still on its path for a June release for Windows. I’ll provide a more detailed schedule/roadmap thing in its own dedicated post.

This website is it though! This is where I’ll be sharing how I’m doing with Shine. I’ll be trying to start doing the weekly progress posts again like I had done on the previous blog, and I will also continue to work on fleshing out the other portions of this site.

Please look forward to more news from me soon!


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