Shine Delayed Until July


Sorry to be the bringer of bad news, but Shine’s 1.0 release will be delayed until the end of July 2017.

I’ve been dealing with some motivation issues; it has been hard for me to find the energy to really do much anything productive, including working on this project. However, I am mostly over the hump, as it were, and I’m beginning to see myself return to working on projects and moving forward with what I want to do.

Unfortunately, obviously, there isn’t nearly enough time for me to actually finish Shine for the end of Q2 2017 deadline that I had previously announced.

I am only a few days’ work away from having a good beta version ready. I’ll plan on having this beta ready for July 11, and it will be available for public download. I could probably push myself to have it be available before that point, but I do want to give myself some wiggle room.

In the meantime, I’ve been publicly tweeting about my progress with Shine on my personal Twitter (@JaykeBird)… along with tweeting about things totally irrelevant to Shine. I’ll also be starting to do weekly progress updates again, starting next week (probably around July 6). These updates helped me a lot with my motivation and so doing them again should prove to be useful.

I’ve also planned a roadmap for future releases/updates of Shine down the road, so even after the 1.0 release, be assured that I will continue to support and improve Shine. We just have to actually get to that 1.0 point.

I’m sorry about the delay, though, and I want this product to be done just as much as some of you probably want to see it. I am really excited and proud of my work so far with Shine, and I want my efforts to be put to good use. Hopefully, though, we won’t continue to see me announce delays.

Jayke Huempfner

(Note: this all applies to the Windows desktop version of Shine Calendar. The Android release is still planned for late 2017, early 2018. News about Shine Universal (for Windows 10, Xbox One, and other UWP platforms) will be shared in the future.)

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