Getting Back into the Swing of Things

Hey there! Long time, no talk!

Yeah, that’s kind of my fault. 😦 Since this summer has begun, I’ve been having some problems working on Shine.

The biggest of these problems was a personal one, not related to Shine itself, and although I expected it to be resolved in June or July, it ended up not even being until late August when that ended up happening. While this personal problem didn’t physically harm my ability to work on Shine, it definitely affected me mentally and left me with no motivation to do anything with it at all.

And, super unluckily, just as this problem ended up getting resolved in late August, a new one began occurring: my laptop began acting up. This laptop is my development machine, and all of a sudden it began receiving blue screens of death and other things; the problem has been traced down to my graphics driver, and all possible attempts by me to fix it went nowhere.

It’s at the point now that this laptop has to be sent in to be worked on and repaired, and during this entire time, I haven’t been able to get much progress done on Shine or any big endeavor.

Once my laptop is fixed and ready to go, though, I’m really looking forward to getting back into doing more work on Shine! It’s been too long since I’ve really been able to spend a lot of time on it, and I honestly must say I miss it a decent amount.

As for a release date: obviously, since the July deadline was also missed, Shine 1.0 will be coming out some point after July… and after August and September (which it currently is now lol). I don’t want to specifically promise a release date yet, but it will be before the end of 2017, I’ll tell you that!

Even though there’s still some ways to go, a lot of progress and work has already been put into Shine, and I really want to be able to share that with the world. I just don’t want to do it while it’s still in a partially-finished state. So please stand by me and look forward to more details.

Once I’m able to dive back into my work on Shine, I’ll be sure to keep you all updated.

For now, thanks for reading. 🙂


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