A 600-Word Update

Hey there!

Figured now would be as good a time as any to give an update about what’s been going on with my situation, since my previous post left things on a note of “I don’t know what’s gonna happen”.

Because, right now, I have a general idea of what’s gonna happen. There’s light at the end of the tunnel!

So I sent in my laptop for repairs on September 5th (honestly, it may’ve been a bit after that date, but let’s not sweat the details). A whole month passed, and the only update I received – when I called out to the repair facility in mid-late September – was that they were waiting on a replacement part for my laptop, since it was backordered.

While I was waiting this whole month, I’ve been sitting here with my media PC – a desktop I bought from my university which I can use for, well, media consumption. It’s been decent, but since it has no Wi-Fi chip, it hasn’t been too useful, to be frank. Earlier this month, I finally bought a USB Wi-Fi adapter for it, so I’m writing this post on it right now.

Two days ago, I got the news; my laptop’s fate has been decided. It is no longer with us.

I don’t really know any of the details; honestly, I’m a bit surprised and amused that what seemed like an issue with the graphics driver/GPU turned into something that just couldn’t even be repaired (literally everything else about the laptop functioned fine as far as I could ascertain). But whatever. I was alerted to this fateful decision when a box from them showed up on my door… with only the hard drive inside. I’m glad they had the courtesy to do that. 🙂

They’re also in the process of sending me a check for the original price of the laptop when I bought it (since this repair facility is actually my warranty provider), so you know what that means: time to buy a new laptop!

I’m expecting the check to arrive around the 20th. I already have a few candidates as to which laptop I wanna buy, and so after the check arrives, I plan to select the one I’ll be going for and having it arrive the week after that. This does mean it’ll be near the end of October when I finally get a proper work machine again, but, well, new tech is always fun to have and play with. 😉

Once I get that laptop, you better bet I’m gonna dive into programming right away! (And also catching up on lost Cities:Skylines time.) November will be primarily focused on finishing up what needs to be done for Shine, and getting it out the door before December ends. It’ll be pretty darn close to the end of 2017 when 1.0 will happen, but it’s still 2017!

It’s not like this time has been a complete and total waste. I’ve spent a decent amount of thinking and planning about how to go about the last couple of hurdles for Shine 1.0, about post-1.0 updates and features, and more. I’ve mentioned a roadmap before, and there still is one… it just had to be majorly adjusted for this downtime.

Anyway, I will leave you with this image from what I’ve been working on last night:

Draft designs for Shine's calendar file icon

The image is a little bit small, but they’re icons! These are the icons you’ll probably see for your locally-stored calendar files. I’m pretty proud of the detail I’ve put into them (although the Shine logo looks a bit pixel-y in the 16×16 icon).

Until next time,

Jayke R. Huempfner

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