Back Up and Ready to Roll!

Hey there!

So after what I had predicted and said in my coincidentally-exactly-600-words update I posted not too long ago, I figured I may as well write a new post giving an update on my situation.

I got the check a lot earlier than I expected I would; in fact, it was sitting in my mail for a day or two before I actually even realized it was there. But either way, I very quickly went to work on ordering the laptop I wanted. I used an Amazon gift card I got for my birthday and a bit of my money that I’ve had saved up to go for a higher-priced laptop (and to also buy a new warranty plan for it and for expedited shipping).

The laptop I have now is a Dell one, the first time I’ve ever owned a Dell computer. I must say I was definitely apprehensive about it, because Dell seems to have more a reputation of being “ehh, it’s okay” rather than “yeah, they make good, reliable stuff”.

The other laptop I was seriously considering was an Asus one (which had super similar specs, although it used AMD processors), but I had decided against it because there were only a handful of reviews I could find for it online, and at least half of those reviews mentioned an issue with the graphics driver… something I wasn’t ready to start having to deal with again, regardless of how easy (purportedly) a fix that one was.

I must say, though, I’ve had a pretty good experience with this laptop so far. But, it’s not even been a week yet; the true test is to really see how long it’ll stay good.

This post isn’t for me to talk about this laptop though (although I could definitely continue to go on and on about it lol); it’s for me to give an update about my progress with Shine!

I spent a lot of the weekend getting this laptop set up: installing the programs I use, and transferring over files from my media PC and other places I had them stored. This includes my development setup and all of the code and data for Shine. I’m still needing to spend some time to install, set up, and update all the things I need to get myself back up to full speed, but I’m working on it.

My hope is to have something to share progress-wise in an update around this time next week, and then to keep going at a decent pace to meet the basic outline I mentioned in my previous post.

So yeah. Just wanted to let you know, though, that I do have my laptop and I am on my way to getting back to work on Shine!

Talk to you again soon!

Jayke Huempfner

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