Weekly Progress: 1 November 2017


It’s time to get back at it! Weekly progress updates! Oh yeah!

Ahem… sorry, I got excited. Anyway, so I’ll be resuming my efforts to write a post every week with progress about where I’ve been going with Shine and what things I’ve done.

I’ll be starting this week with talking about all I’ve done with Shine since I’ve gotten my new laptop. My progress, admittedly, has been a bit impeded by some fancy new video games that have been coming out… but let’s set that aside.

Visual Studio 2017

EDIT: I’ve reworded this section since it was originally published.

At this point, I’m far enough in Shine’s development that I’d pretty much locked down the groundwork stuff and my development environment. Things like the apps I use, the way I organize my code, basic things like this, I don’t want to change this late into development because it means I’ll have to spend time transitioning to a new way of doing things (and whatever weird new things come out of that) when I’d rather spend time just getting done with Shine 1.0.

Since I’ve begun development with Shine on my new laptop, though, something has become apparent: I haven’t been able to get my .NET Standard packages working correctly in Visual Studio 2015, like they were on my previous laptop. .NET Standard is a technology that allows me to write code and have it work regardless of platform (i.e. Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and more). Shine still very heavily relies upon PCLs, the technology that .NET Standard is meant to replace, but there is also usage of .NET Standard as well, especially for the mobile versions of Shine.

I don’t remember what all exactly I did to get it to work properly on my last laptop, and my attempts to get it to work have not gone over too well. So as a result, I made the decision to move up to Visual Studio 2017 for continuing development of Shine. VS 2017 has support of .NET Standard out of the box, without me needing to download anything extra or mess with things.

So far, the transition has been unremarkable, luckily. I’ve been able to just open up Shine’s code in Visual Studio 2017 and get straight to work. Some new features/changes are allowing me to write easier code for certain things, but it’s not been a major improvement needing full mention. Pretty much everything I came to expect in Visual Studio 2015 is still there and unchanged in 2017.

So yeah. Ultimately, it doesn’t make much impact for you, but for me, it’s a notable change.

(As a side note, I was planning on switching to Visual Studio 2017 and fully moving to .NET Standard some point after the 1.0 release. Well, at least, I did the first part of that plan early.)

More Icons!

Who doesn’t like more icons? … Probably someone out there.

Oh well, I spent some time making some anyway. Some of them will probably receive some more touch-ups before the 1.0 release, but it is what it is for right now. I am proud of them overall. I feel I’ve been able to more quickly pound out icons recently, so I’ll probably have more progress on this front for next week as well.

Specifically, the icons I’ve made are called “Cancel”, “Colors”, “Delete”, and “Properties”. You can probably get an idea of what the icons are for.

Small Adjustments

I don’t really know what to really title this section, but frankly, these really are just small adjustments, which I’ll list in bullet-point form:

  • Fixed an error where Shine divides by zero if you have no calendars
  • Notable fixes for the Calendar Properties window
  • Added a new category to the Options window: “Online”. Will hold options related to… being online.
  • Additions/changes to the startup process for Shine. Shine will now check for an Internet connection at startup, and will also check for updates.
  • Added the file icon I showed off in a previous update to Shine itself. Due to the process of how I did it, it lead to an interesting change as well:
  • Changed how Shine displays its properties to Windows; I took advantage of this to update and improve some things, such as the version info and the language it runs in.Image displaying two properties windows for the Shine program file. The second window has updated and changed values.

Next Plans

The next thing I want to work on is getting cache-related things finished and set up. It’s considered my biggest priority.

After that, the following things I will work on are getting the Day and Week views totally set up and also changing how Shine looks for and loads in events (again). The current way it’s done will end up being rather redundant.

This is all just the start for me returning to working on Shine. There’s a lot more to come!

Hope you’ll look forward to more weekly progress updates in the future!

Jayke R. Huempfner

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