Shine Beta 0.5.1!

It’s finally time! 😀

This marks the release of the first beta version of Shine. It’s been quite a long time coming, I know, and I’m upset about it too. This is an important step to make when it comes to the development of a program, though, and it’s a step I want to make sure I do right.

Obviously (in the US), it’s pretty early in the morning, so I’m not exactly expecting much of an immediate response to this post.

Anyway, so before we get started with the download links and what-not, please read the sections below for some important information!


Please keep this in mind: this is a beta version! For those of you who don’t know what this means, it means that it’s an early release of the program, before everything has been considered fully done and ready to go. Beta releases help get the program into people’s hands earlier, and sometimes helps the developers find problems/bugs they didn’t find themselves.

However, being a beta version means there are things that may be broken or act weird or do whatever. Don’t expect things to get along swimmingly – that’s what the “beta” label is for. Although a lot of Shine is polished, there’s a lot of areas that still need work.

All I’m saying is, don’t be surprised if Shine completely falls apart on you. It probably won’t, but don’t be surprised if it does. (And if it does, tell me so we can figure out why!)

What’s Here, What’s Broken

So, here’s a list of things to look for, and things to… not look for?

Things to look for:

  • Can create calendars, and connect to Google Calendar, Office 365,
  • Can create events, set a bunch of info about them, etc.
  • Little tray icon helper (called Shine Monitor) to access Shine at any point
  • Make Shine whatever color you want!
  • Month view, Week view, Day view

Things that may not work right:

  • Shine and Shine Monitor, unfortunately, are not on speaking terms right now. Hopefully the two friends reconcile soon, because it means that alerts/notifications, crash reporting, and a number of other things don’t work right now.
  • A number of windows won’t work right, or simply won’t appear. This includes: Print, Find, Event Properties, Calendar Properties, Notifications, Tasks, Customize Toolbar
  • If connecting to Office 365/, you’ll be asked to sign back in to your account every time you open Shine. It’s annoying, I know. Ideally, it shouldn’t do this, but I’ve not yet gotten it to the point where it should’t do this.
  • The event editor doesn’t know how to math. The duration text box may act weird. Also, a number of buttons and menu items may not work in the event editor.
  • HTML support is depending upon an underlying thing that isn’t finished. This means that your event descriptions won’t load/be saved, and HTML export has been disabled.
  • Because the Nova system hasn’t been completed and put in yet, Shine lacks the ability to work with recurring events, the ability to search for events, and the ability to import iCalendar files.
  • Currently, there isn’t an easy way to move/copy events between calendars, due to some weird communication problems. It’s gonna be worked on.
  • There is no Sidebar. *Jedi hand wave*
  • EDIT: Shine will not load local calendars that have no description. This will be fixed for the next release.
  • The date bar will still display months even when not in Month view. This is an oversight. The oversight committee will look over it with their sight organs.
  • Week view may act a bit silly. It’s still just a baby, it doesn’t know any better!
  • If you uninstall Shine, DO NOT attempt to reinstall it without restarting your computer first. You may end up in a stuck state otherwise!


Depending upon how aggressive your antivirus program is, it may try to prevent you from downloading or installing Shine. I assure you that Shine is a trustworthy program: the worst it can do is crash and corrupt itself. It won’t ever touch your documents or whatever, and Windows will continue to work fine (or at least as fine as usual for you).

Also, please share feedback! Send feedback through the included menu option, write a comment here, text or message me, do whatever. I want to know what you think of Shine, and what things you think I should do better! It’s a beta release, so there’s still room to change things before the big 1.0!

For each future release, it’ll be a blog post like this (so subscribe to this blog if you wanna!). Please pay attention to the “things that may not work” list in each post; what’s written there will affect your experience with Shine, as things change, get fixed, or break even more.


Thank you for taking the time to read this far. I know, I type a lot. Even now, I’m typing even more rather than just giving you the download link. See? That’s how bad my typing is. I am quite wordy, aren’t I? I should really learn to sum up my thoughts better. You know, ever since I started…

Oh, wait, where were we?

Oh, yes, download link. Here you are:

Download Shine Calendar

I’m curious to see what you’ll think. Hope to hear from you!

– Jayke

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