Weekly Progress: 9 May 2018


It’s been a long while since you’ve seen anything here, hasn’t it been? I’ll be writing another post soon detailing the current situation and plans for Shine, but for now, just know that I’m back at working on it and I’m excited! If you’re wondering about when 1.0 will be coming, that’ll be in that post. If you’re curious about the next beta release, that’ll be lower in the section!

This week has been more about getting myself back into the groove of things and less about making making big changes. To that extent, the only notable things I’ve done thus far has been the introduction of two new UI controls, and a new icon.

The two UI controls are custom “numeric spinner” controls, like the one pictured below. The custom controls don’t actually look like this image, but instead follow Shine’s visual style.jjjgq

Currently, Shine does have and use numeric spinner controls, but they’re from a separate UI control library and are rendered in Windows’s style. Neither of those facts are bad things (the library is very nice, and Windows’s style is nice-looking), but building my own has some nice advantages as well. This is actually one of the first steps in a larger effort of mine to consolidate all of Shine’s UI controls (and create new ones for it) in one location, rather than being spread throughout all my code.

More testing needs to be done with the UI controls yet before I’ll move into putting them into Shine, but I’m liking the directions it’s taking. I’ve also been giving more thoughts about Shine’s overall visual design goals, and these new controls will take part in allowing me to set new goals.

The new icon I added is for Year View, which was icon-less thus far:


Shine Beta 0.5.2

The next beta release, Beta 0.5.2, will be coming soon! It will only be a minor improvement over Beta 0.5.1, but it will fix a couple important showstopping bugs.

I had actually prepared a Beta 0.5.2 release before I took a break away from my work on Shine, but obviously I never released it before doing so. Now that I’m back, finalizing the release will be one of my big near goals.

Expect the release to be sometime next week. Some improvements I make between now and then may make their way into the Beta 0.5.2 release, but again, don’t expect anything major: the biggest goal is to fix bugs!

What’s Next?

Beyond work on the Beta 0.5.2 release, I will be continuing work on new UI controls. I plan to make changes to Shine’s visual design in the near future, but that’ll be beyond this next week (and probably the one after that).

I’ll also be trying to make improvements to Shine’s Day view and Week view, as those are not yet feature-complete. Most importantly, I want all-day events to display in those views, and I need to fix how the week view displays weeks (as it thinks weeks start on a Thursday). These changes may make their way into the Beta 0.5.2 release, depending upon how soon they get made. Again, no promises though!

I have more big plans for Shine as well, but I’ll be saving that for a separate post.

Glad to be back though!


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