Shine Beta 0.5.2!

Woo! Time for our second release!

Beta 0.5.2 is a minor update to Beta 0.5.1, fixing a few bugs and modifying a few things. Your experience in 0.5.2 will be similar to 0.5.1, but hopefully with less errors!


This is a beta release! Basically, this isn’t a final version: things are going to be broken, missing, or just plain weird. Don’t be surprised if Shine crashes and burns around you, but… hopefully, it won’t do that! (If it does, let me know so I can fix it!) Playing with the beta release will help me a lot, though, to figure out what problems people may have with it.

Your antivirus program may get upset with you while trying to install or run Shine. Shine is a safe program, though; your antivirus just doesn’t know it yet!

Release Notes

Things that have been changed or fixed:

  • Created a new message for if/when an error occurs. You can copy the error and send it to me in an email!
  • Fixed a number of visual bugs
  • Fixed an issue with loading local calendars
  • Added a crash handler to Install Assist (will help look for bugs in the future!)
  • When saving an event, the main window will now automatically refresh
  • You can copy events! (But you can’t paste them yet lol)

Things to look out for:

  • IF YOU UNINSTALL SHINE, RESTART YOUR COMPUTER BEFORE YOU INSTALL IT AGAIN. If you do not, you’ll put Shine into a bad state which may render it unable to be uninstalled.
  • If you connect a Office 365/ account, Shine will ask you to sign in to your account every time you start it up. This isn’t intended, but I’ve not yet found how to fix it.
  • The event editor doesn’t know how to math. Don’t expect things to add up right, and don’t expect all the buttons or menu items to work. (Also, the event editor won’t save your descriptions yet.)
  • Searching for events, setting recurring events, or importing iCalendar won’t work yet because it depends upon the Nova system being finished.
  • The About window is not actually up to date! The current Terms of Use is available online (and was also in the installer). To determine if you have version 0.5.2, you’ll need to right-click the ShineWin.exe file, select Properties, and go to the Details tab.


You can download the latest version from the Download page.



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