Weekly Progress: 1 June 2018

Greetings! It’s time for another weekly update!

There’s actually been a decent amount of progress since my last post, where I announced the release of Shine 0.5.2 beta. I’m on my way to developing the 0.5.3 beta, and I’m hoping to have that out in early June.

UI Work Continuations

One of the things I mentioned in the last weekly progress post was that I was working on developing my own, custom UI elements. This work has continued, both with the spinner elements mentioned in that post, and with new UI elements that have been added since then as well.

As a recap, these new UI elements are being built so that 1) they can all contribute to a consistent “Shine” visual style, 2) I can put all the UI elements in one place in my code, and 3) so I don’t have to depend upon 3rd-party libraries to make them. The ultimate result of this work, to have most UI elements being custom-built, will take a long time to do, and there’s a lot of steps between here and there. So don’t expect anything major in this front for a decent while.

0.5.3 Beta

Shine 0.5.3 Beta is the next version of Shine Calendar, and it is expected to come out in early June.

Most of the work has already been finished for the 0.5.3 Beta, but I’m currently trying to fix all the problems with Office 365/Outlook.com accounts right now, as it’s been a major bug with Shine up to this point. Once I can get that sorted out, the release will be right around the corner!

Here are some things to expect in the next beta release:

  • Shine only checks for updates once per day
  • The Options window should perform better in various situations now
  • Loooooots of bug fixes!

Not really many exciting things, but it is only a minor update. It’ll be a major step in making sure Shine works well, before going all-in on developing new features.

Shine will only check for updates once per day in the next beta because I don’t want to worry about a bunch of people overwhelming the update file’s host server because Shine keeps checking for updates. Generally, as well, updates are only ever going to come after a few weeks, not multiple times a day… so it doesn’t really make much sense for it to check for updates multiple times if the result is just going to be the same.

You can always manually check for updates yourself as well. At least, you’ll be able to, starting with the 0.5.3 Beta. It was an oversight of mine to not include a manual way to check for updates before now.

One of the bugs that has been fixed for the 0.5.3 Beta has been how the About window displays information. Before now, it simply was hardcoded values separate from the ones where Shine identifies what version it is. In the 0.5.2 Beta, if you open the About window, you’ll see it say “0.5.1 Beta” still, because I had forgotten to update that hardcoded text. So from now on, it just reads from Shine’s internal version data rather than being hardcoded.

The About window also was displaying an old version of the Terms of Use document, so that’s fun. The new version was included in both the installer and available online, though, so it’s not like you don’t have a way to see it. So yeah, that’s been fixed. Legal stuff, how exciting!

0.6.0 Beta and Beyond

I’ve mentioned in the past that there’ll be a blog post detailing more of Shine’s future, and that is coming, but for now, I’ll give some quick notes of what to expect post-0.5.3 Beta release.

Firstly, the next planned release will be the 0.6.0 Beta, which will include the Nova system. All the features and benefits that will come from it (such as searching for events) won’t necessarily be in the 0.6.0 Beta, but the groundwork will at least be there! I’m looking at a late June/early July release for that, but it may slip further from that.

Beyond that, the next major thing to tackle is Tasks/To-do List support. Yep, that is a planned feature in Shine, and it will be coming… but it hasn’t been a major priority yet. Once I get the Nova system all up and running, then I’ll work more on implementing that. Implementing Tasks/To-do Lists will be the last huge hurdle for developing Shine, I think.

I won’t talk much here about when to expect the 1.0 release, or what to expect in it, but know that every step I take is another step towards that point. Like I said, I’ll have a post coming up that’ll cover that in more details.

Also, expect a blog post at some point talking more about the Nova system too, because I’m sure I’ll be excited to talk about it.

Until Next Time

Anyway, that’s all for now. I have work to get done, but at least I gave some updates about my progress.

Until next time, see ya!


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