Shine 0.5.3 Beta and QuickTrex 1.2!

Greetings! I have not just one, but two things to release today!

Shine 0.5.3 Beta

This is the next beta version of Shine! Here’s what’s new and changed:

  • Shine now uses .NET Framework 4.7.1
    • The installer will install it for you, if you don’t have it already
    • If on Windows 8, please take the free upgrade to Windows 8.1
    • If on Windows 10, make sure you have all updates installed
  • Office 365/ account problems have been fixed!
  • Shine will now only check for updates once per day
    • (You can check manually as well)
  • The About window now displays the right information
  • The Options window will perform better now
    • Use it with your keyboard!
    • Use it with High Contrast mode!
    • Use it with your dog!
    • … actually, dunno about that last one
  • Fixed a lot of bugs!

So, some exciting stuff, huh? Ehh, probably not. But it’s another great step towards the future. Now, after this point, I can focus my attention to version 0.6.0 and the Nova system. I talked more about this beta and version 0.6.0 in the previous weekly progress post.

Things to look out for:

  • IF YOU UNINSTALL SHINE, PLEASE RESTART YOUR COMPUTER BEFORE YOU INSTALL IT AGAIN. If you don’t, you can put Shine into a state where it can’t ever be uninstalled. So let’s avoid doing that.
  • The event editor doesn’t know how to math. Don’t expect things to add up right, and also don’t expect all the buttons and menu items to work. (Also, the event editor won’t save event descriptions just yet.)
  • Some features, such as searching for events and recurring event support, won’t be available until the Nova system has been added (next version!).
  • Shine and Shine Monitor aren’t on speaking terms right now. I’m attempting to get them to talk to one another again, but some grudges last a long time, you know?
  • CSV Export isn’t working… and probably actually never worked. I don’t know, man, is CSV like even real man?

This will be the last release for a little while, as I’m going out on vacation! I’ll get back to work once the vacation finishes, but for the next week, I’ll be having fun at Disney World!

You can download Shine on the website’s Download page.

QuickTrex 1.2

QuickTrex is a localization program I’ve built that I’ll be using to help make translations for Shine into other languages. And now you can use it too!

QuickTrex’s is a simple, easy, bare-bones application meant to get you off the ground floor with localization. Those of you pursuing professional and enterprise endeavors will want to turn towards more powerful options, but if you’re just starting out and want your little program in multiple languages, QuickTrex may be able to help get you there!

QuickTrex may not have many features, but you can maybe help! Not only am I releasing QuickTrex as a download, I’m also posting its source code online for anyone to contribute to! We can work together to make QuickTrex a great program.

You can find the source code on GitHub, along with the latest release.

(You may ask yourself: if this is the first release, why is it already at version 1.2? That’s because there were two “releases” prior, but they were both internal ones. Now, I feel QuickTrex is finally good enough to actually be useful to someone beyond just me.)

Until next time,



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