Weekly Progress: 5 July 2018

Greetings! It feels like it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these!

I don’t have too much to share for this week, but a lot of this week (and the week prior) has just been setting up for the real meat of the 0.6 beta: the Nova system! Not much code has been made for the Nova system yet, but I’ve done a lot of planning and preparing.

So let’s run through the few things I do have to share tonight:

More Customizability!

More Interface Options window

I’ve aimed to have Shine be highly customizable from the very beginning, and so this week, there’s been yet more options added to enable this! What you see in this window here are relatively small tweaks, but it’s the details that can really help you set up the program the way you want it to be!

There will be more options coming soon! I’ve spent a decent amount of time recently setting up for customizing keyboard shortcuts, and I’m also not too far away from toolbar customization either. I’ll of course keep you posted as this continues.

Update Tweaks

So there’s actually some issues with the update system in the Shine beta releases made so far. If you’ve seen Shine try to perform an update, you can see first-hand that it fails. This was primarily the result of some dumb oversights on my end, and partly the result of me barking up the wrong tree in trying to fix these oversights.

For the next number of beta releases, Shine will be set (by default) to only tell you about an update and let you choose to install it. I will also be doing some work to improve the update system, to fix the dumb things I should’ve noticed I did before. Before the 1.0 release, the default option will switch back to auto-install, but you can always set it to be whatever you’d prefer.

Export to CSV

This isn’t a particularly exciting feature, but it’s one that doesn’t (or at least I thought wouldn’t) take much time to implement and maintain: once it’s in there, it should be set.

Unfortunately, I decided to cut a corner and use a 3rd-party solution to handle CSV export, and while it’s absolutely wonderful when it works well… I’ve had more than enough instances where it doesn’t work well that it just isn’t worth my time anymore. The 0.5.3 beta release would’ve been out about an hour sooner if the 3rd-party CSV export handler didn’t screw up in a way I still don’t understand.

Either way, it doesn’t matter. I’ve completely replaced it with an in-house system now. It’ll perform exactly the same for you, the user, but now it’ll be easier for me to maintain because I know what’s going on and I can fix it when problems occur (although, now, there shouldn’t be).

So yeah! Enjoy this highly unessential feature!

Minor Things

So there’s been some other changes and updates too. I’ve added some new debugging features for me to help figure out how Shine sees events; this’ll become handly as the Nova system becomes implemented. I’ve made some tweaks to how Shine copies data to the clipboard. I’ve found and fixed some bugs and crashes, and found other bugs and crashes I need to look into yet.

So yeah, there’s always something to work on!

For the Future

The next something to work on, though, is actually coding the Nova system! Most planning has been complete and I’ve figured out where I need to start, and so the next week or so will be focused upon that (along with doing some random other things on the side). Expect to hear more in future updates!

Until then, thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next time!


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