Progress with Shine – August 2018


My apologies for not writing a post offering more detail since the previous progress post. Unfortunately, a number of things have happened since that point, and not all of them are good.

I’ll get the biggest (and worst) piece of news out of the way: my development machine is, well, beyond repair. Due to some issues out of my control, it’s gone, and so is all the money I’ve also spent into getting that laptop as well. This leaves me now utilizing a computer which really isn’t suited for development. I’m lucky in that I was able to recover my data (and thus, all my latest code) from my laptop in spite of it all, but I’m still without a machine I can do anything productive with.

Ultimately, this means that I really am not able to make any meaningful progress with Shine for right now. I’m not able to tell you when Beta 0.6 will be coming out yet, because I first need a computer with which I can make it.

It’s looking, most likely, like it’ll be September before I get such a computer set up and ready to go. I really can’t offer a serious timeframe, though, because I first need the money to get myself a new development machine.

However, that doesn’t mean I’m not doing anything with Shine:

I’ve been spending a lot more time going back to the design phase with a lot of my future plans for Shine. Whereas I was more concerned about “just throw in the code and figure it out later!” before, now I have more of a chance to actually sit down and make sure the features I have in mind are able to fulfill everything they need them to do.

Progress with the Nova system before now has been slow, honestly, because I’ve been in the “throw it in and worry about it later” mentality with it, and that’s hard to do when it involves creating a whole new data storage system.

I’ve now been able to sit down and hash out all my plans for the Nova system, how I’d envision it working, and the steps it’d need to take to accomplish the tasks I need it to do. When I’m finally able to get back to the code editor and starting working on Shine’s guts again, I’ll now have a fuller idea (and guide) as to how to make the Nova system happen.

There’s been a similar experience with some other aspects of Shine too.

I’m excited with the progress and thinking I’ve been able to do with Shine, but I’m also saddened because all of this is simply in the pages of a notebook. Weeks will pass before I can do coding again. I really want to go somewhere with Shine, I really want to stick to the schedule I’ve posted before… and I can’t.

Once I have a new machine up and ready to go, I’ll offer a revised schedule for Shine’s beta period. The end goal is still mid-to-late 2019 for the version 1.0. The question now is what I can shrink or cut in order to still make that goal.

We’ll figure it out.

Until next time,


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