Weekly Progress: 16 October 2018


It’s probably been more than a week since the last progress update, so uhhhh whoops!

Anyway, let’s waste no time and dive right in!

Attachment Support (Part 2)

Last post, I talked about how attachment support was added to Google Calendars.

This time, I have a lot more to expand on:

Firstly, attachment support was now added to local calendars. Shine’s calendar format actually allows for attachments to be embedded right into the calendar itself, but this is not supported in Shine itself at this time. (Expect that to be a post-1.0 feature.)

Unlike Google Calendar, files from all places can be attached to a local calendar. You can attach a link to a webpage, and you can attach a file on your computer, as well as files on Google Calendar and… Dropbox!

Yep, Dropbox support has been added to Shine! Shine only uses Dropbox to add files to attachments, since that’s pretty much only what Dropbox does.

A couple things to note about Dropbox support:

  • Like all other accounts you can connect to Shine, Shine allows you to connect multiple Dropbox accounts.
  • Dropbox, for whatever reason, doesn’t store when a file was created (a.k.a. uploaded/added to your account).
  • When you add a Dropbox file as an attachment to your event, Shine will automatically create a sharing link for the file, and attach that. If that file already has a sharing link (one that isn’t set to expire and that anyone can use), it will use that link instead. You can unshare the file at any time, but when you do so, the attachment will no longer work.

Have a file you want to share with the world, via calendar event attachment? Well, now you can!

When you attach a file on your computer, you’ll be given the ability to upload that file to either Google Drive or Dropbox, including selecting which folder to put it into. Note that there is a pretty low upload limit (which I may lift later), so if you’re looking to upload a big file, I suggest uploading that separately first and then selecting the file in Shine.

Work will still need to be done to add OneDrive support, and add attachment support to Office 365 and Outlook.com calendars.

Disconnecting Accounts

Some changes have been made to how Shine handles and disconnects accounts.

Previously, to disconnect an account, you’d click the Disconnect Accounts button that you’d access on the Calendars tab of the Options window. This would display a dialog where you could select accounts to remove.

I never really liked the look of that dialog, and frankly, it was mostly a rush job, just so there was a way to make it happen for the beta releases.

Now, it’s time I did it right.


All my accounts, in a nice little row (err, column).

From here onward, accounts will be listed in the Online tab of the Options window. To remove them, you simply click on the account you want to disconnect, and select “Remove Selected”. When you’re all done setting your other options, click OK and then it’ll be disconnected securely.

This also means there’s one other notable change: previously, accounts would be removed immediately, even if you hit Cancel afterwards. Now, if you remove an account you didn’t actually want to remove, you can hit Cancel and it won’t go away. This brings this portion in line with the rest of the Options window.

Disconnecting accounts has been made a more secure process overall as well.

Other Fun Account Things

That’s not all I did with accounts!

These other things, though, are really more bullet-point material rather than deserving of a long explanation each, so here we go!

  • When importing a calendar from Google Calendar, Shine will now correctly use that calendar’s color from Google Calendar
  • If your Windows 8.1/10 computer is connected to a Microsoft account, your account will appear right away when you go to add it in Shine. (Note that you’ll still need to type in your password.)
  • All accounts will now display the email address associated with the account, rather than the name. This is primarily to combat the issue of having multiple accounts with the same name (i.e. a personal account and a work account).

Next Time

For the future, my focus is now shifting to the Nova system.

I still have a bit to clean up with the Dropbox support, and of course OneDrive support needs to be added to, but beyond that, the Nova system is the biggest thing.

I’ve gotten work started on the Nova system, but there’s still progress to make. Hopefully by the next time you see a post from me, I’ll be all done with that.

Another issue I also need to address is how Shine handles time zones. As it turns out, it’s been subtracting hours when it was supposed to be adding them and vice-versa. So that’ll need to be sorted out.

I’m still on track for a late October release for Shine 0.6 Beta.

Until next time, see ya!


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