Taking a Short Break


My apologies for not having posted much. I also apologize for not reaching the October deadline for Shine 0.6 Beta. I’m here to announce that I’m taking a short break from working on Shine.

The reason honestly comes down to this: I’ve burnt myself out. I’ve been really pushing myself to work on the Nova system, and it’s been really hard. I’ll have the code open, I’ll look at it, and I’ll make a few small adjustments or changes, but I’ve really had no motivation to actually go in and finish it. It’s at the point now that I just don’t really want to touch anything with Shine’s code right now.

Part of the issue as well, honestly, has been that I honestly didn’t design around Shine having a cache as well as I should have. A lot of my time I spent designing Shine (before even writing code) has been either with the low-level stuff or at the highest level (such as UI). The Nova system, which sits right in the middle, is something I should’ve planned more for. In order to fully implement the Nova system, I’ll have to change a decent amount of other aspects of Shine as well, and that’s just an undertaking that is making me even less motivated at the moment.

I know what direction I need to go in next with Shine once I do return to it. I’ve left myself notes describing what to do, and I’m hoping I can recover from this burn out quickly.

I still want Shine 1.0 out before the end of 2019. It should be doable, as the Nova system truly is the last big hurdle in Shine’s development.

I do apologize again though. It’s a bit of a tough thing to admit, honestly. I really like Shine, and I do enjoy working on it, and I also really want to show you all the end result. I’m just not feeling the spark at the moment, though, because I’ve been trying to force that spark to come out when it’s not been ready.

You’ll see me again soon, though, I hope!

Jayke R. Huempfner

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