Shine Calendar 0.5.4 Beta

Shine 0.5.4 Beta is a maintenance update, so there are only bug fixes here. Don’t expect any new features, but do expect a smoother experience. Almost all of these bug fixes are actually backported from 0.6 Beta (meaning they were made for 0.6 Beta, but then brought back to this version). Speaking of which, 0.6 Beta is still right around the corner, so most of the good stuff (a.k.a. new features) is being kept until then.

If you currently have Shine installed, it’s highly recommended that you update. Like, as highly as anyone could possibly recommend a thing. However, make sure you turn off automatic updates first as earlier versions of Shine have a broken updater.

You can turn off automatic updates by opening the Options menu in Shine, selecting “More options”, going to the Online tab, and then unchecking the “Check for updates on startup” box. Then, you can either download the update from this website now, or manually press the Check for Updates Now button in Shine within a few hours. Once you have Shine 0.5.4 Beta installed, you can turn automatic updates back on.

Anyway, here’s the changes:

  • Made improvements to online connections (Google Calendar,, Office 365)
    • These changes allow Shine to continue to connect to Google without problems (since Google+ is shutting down), and they also bring a more stable experience overall.
    • This also means that if you currently have any online connections, they’ll be removed during the update, unfortunately. You’ll be able to re-add them back in afterwards.
  • Fixed how Shine handles updates. From here on, it’ll be smooth sailing!
  • Removed CsvHelper, now using internal code for CSV export
  • Made some improvements to Day and Week views.
  • Shine and Shine Monitor now work together!
    • Will be a much smoother experience working with the tray icon
    • Shine’s jump list will work now!
    • Still no notifications
  • A few other minor tweaks, to make for a smoother transition to 0.6
  • Updated the terms of use. Yaaaaaaaaay legal stuff!

Also, just like last time, if you uninstall Shine, please restart your computer before you install it again. If you don’t, you can put Shine into a state where it can’t ever be uninstalled. That’s probably something we wanna avoid.

If you wanna download it now, head over to the Download page and check it out!

As I just said, 0.6 Beta is just around the corner. So look forward to seeing another update soon!

– Jayke

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