QuickTrex 1.2.2


While this website is primarily dedicated to Shine Calendar and work in relation to it, I’ll also occasionally use this platform to share updates to the other programs I’m working on, as long as they exist within the same ecosystem of Shine. In essence, Shine is considered a productivity tool, so I’ll also post other productivity tools/programs that I make here.

On top of that, I had previously shared the release of QuickTrex 1.2 at the same time that Shine Beta 0.5.3 came out. And so I figured it was fair to share this update as well.


The main window

QuickTrex is my simple localization program that can be used to translate programs into different languages. It lacks many of the advanced features from more comprehensive programs, but it’s more aimed at hobbyist developers looking for a simple way to translate their programs.

If you had looked at or tried out QuickTrex prior to now… I’m sorry. While it was certainly more than capable of accomplishing its main goals, it also was a bit of a buggy/messy experience.

This is the issue that arises when you move a program from personal/individual use to be open-sourced – or, at the very least, shared with a larger audience. The bugs that have been fixed here are ones that I had not encountered before as, since I am the developer and first user of this program, I always used QuickTrex in a particular way and only that way.

Thus, QuickTrex 1.2.1 and 1.2.2 are primarily bug fix releases. Here’s a quick overview of the changes made:

  • Fixed a lot of crashes and bugs, especially in regards to the dialog boxes
  • Added a Java export option
  • Added ways to provide feedback via GitHub or email
  • Added “Add missing entries from base” option, used when opening a translation file as a base
  • Various small visual improvements

QuickTrex 1.2.2 should be an easier/better experience, and if you’ve been looking to give it a try, here and now is the time.

Hop on over to GitHub to see the source code and also download the latest version (and also see a more detailed list of changes).

Source Code

Soon after this, I’ll be returning to finishing Shine 0.6. I like to take a short break after a release to rest my mind and come back with fresh eyes. See you soon!


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