Quick Update about the Website

Greetings! Just giving a mini-update about the website, as some changes will be coming!

The site as you know it right now (i.e. this here today) is going to cease to exist sometime around March 22nd. But that’s okay, because I’m moving back over to Google Sites, but the new fancy version of it. Not entirely sure exactly when that version will go up, but it’ll be before the end of March.

I’ve gotten tired of the limitations that I’m running into here on this WordPress site. While the new Google Sites site still has some limitations and annoyances, it’s still a heck of a lot more customizable and powerful than what I have right now… and I also don’t have to pay for a WordPress subscription on top of it either!

I’m still slowly in the process of moving all the content over to the new site, but I’m hoping for a relatively smooth transition once the time comes. That being said, there’s still going to be a notably different layout and feel to the site, and there’s still gonna be unfinished parts, just like there are here.

But you can take a peek at how it looks right now at new.shinecalendar.com. If you have any suggestions, let me know!

So yeah, even though things may be offline for a bit, I’m not going away! Just readjusting things.

Until next time,


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