Shine 0.6 Beta Released!

So I decided a week ago, that it’s just been so long since I’ve had a major release (0.5.4 was just a bug-fix release), and I’ve been sitting on these new features and what-not for so long, it’d be better to go ahead and simply release what I got, and add a more functional Nova system in a future update!

The Nova system is present, to an extent, in this release, but it’s nowhere near complete yet. Once it’s fully set up, though, that’ll automatically power the search and notification features, as well as Offline Mode.

Anyway, so I did mention features…


Attach files, both online and offline, to your events.


You can see, hide, and edit your calendars right from the main window!

Customize Toolbar

Add or remove the buttons you want! And change the labels too!

Alrighty, here’s the full list:

  • Added attachment support
    • Attach files, stored on your PC, Google Docs, or Dropbox
    • Attach links to webpages
    • Google Hangouts meetings will be shown in Shine as an attachment
    • (OneDrive support coming later)
  • Shine now displays event descriptions
    • It’s not perfect yet (hyperlinks don’t work), but it’s a start
    • Changes to description are not yet saved with the event
    • The descriptions in Day or Week views may look a bit weird
  • Customize the toolbar!
  • Did somebody mention “sidebar”?
    • I hope so, because one just appeared!
    • Show or hide your calendars with ease!
    • Show or hide the sidebar with ease!
    • If it could show or hide anything else, it would also be with ease!
  • Added and rearranged options
  • A lot of visual and UI improvements!
  • Improvements for multiple monitors with different DPIs (Per-Monitor DPI Awareness)
    • Available if you have Windows 10
    • May not be perfect (such as the toolbar icons looking weird)
  • Improvements to High Contrast Mode
  • Fixed a lot of bugs!

Things to Know

Even though all these features are super cool, there’s a few things to keep in mind. Here’s some notes for those of you updating from an older version:

  • If you have Shine 0.5.3 or earlier currently installed, Shine will be disconnected from your online accounts (Google,, Office 365) during the update process. You’ll need to re-add them afterwards. These changes are for security purposes, to comply with service changes (such as Google+ shutting down), to enable certain features in the future, and to enhance integration with Windows 10.
  • A future version of Shine will introduce some changes to the local calendar file format. Shine 0.6 will be forward-compatible with the changes, but it’s important to note regardless.
  • Copy and cut has been disabled for now, while I rework how Shine handles this function.
  • A looooooot of changes have been made to how Shine connects to both local and online calendars. If you encounter problems in either of these areas (events not appearing on the calendar, error messages, events appearing at wrong times), please let me know!

Also, here’s some known issues to be aware of:

  • Keyboard shortcuts involving the “Alt” key may not fire.
  • Shine’s handling of attachments in events stored on Office 365/ calendars is still a tad wonky. Shine will display attachments already present in the calendar, but it will not add any new ones (even if the interface shows them as being added) until I can make it better.
  • The event editor doesn’t know how to math. Don’t expect things to add up right, and also don’t expect all the buttons and menu items to work.
  • The Day and Week views act a loooot better, but probably still have some bugs. I’ll be continuing to work on it.
  • High Contrast mode still is not perfect. I have most of these issues noted and I plan to work on it in coming updates!
  • If you’re having difficulties reading the text for disabled buttons/items, please change the Disabled (light) color by going to the Options menu, selecting Change colors, and then clicking the Advanced button. The Disabled (light) color option will be towards the bottom-right, simply replace the text with “F5F5F5”. Then, click OK and OK again.
  • The Event Properties window still needs some work.

Download Shine

So are you ready to give it a try? You can download it from our Downloads page starting now!

Download Shine 0.6 Beta

As a reminder, if you uninstall Shine, restart your computer before you attempt to install it again!

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