Shine 0.6.1 Beta Released!

Greetings! I’m excited to announce the release of Shine 0.6.1 Beta. This is an improvement and bug fix release built upon the previous released Shine 0.6 Beta.

Here’s a list of new features/changes:

  • Added options for spell checking
  • Attachments work with Office 365/ calendars now
  • Visual and functional improvements to various dialogs
  • Improvements to Week and Day view

Known Issues

As you’d expect, there’s a couple things to keep in mind as well. This is beta software, meaning that things aren’t always going to work 100% right. While Shine is pretty solid and stable, so don’t expect crashes or anything, do expect things to look or act weird.

  • Try as I might, Shine still is having some issues with time zones. I’m still trying to weed out the last bugs.
  • There’s still some visual and other issues to work out in the event editor window. Do note that changes to event descriptions are still not saved.
  • Notifications and recurring events still aren’t supported yet. That’ll be added in the near future!
  • If you uninstall Shine, restart the computer before you attempt to install it again. If you don’t, you may end up in a broken state where you cannot uninstall Shine at all.

EmojiOne/JoyPixels Images

Shine 0.6.1 Beta and previous releases utilize emoji images created by JoyPixels, under their package previously known as EmojiOne 3.0. While Shine was compatible with the license that accompanied the EmojiOne 3.0 images at the time, the licensing has changed since then, and Shine’s specifications have changed.

While Shine would probably still be permitted under the new free license that JoyPixels provides, I will still be planning to phase out the old EmojiOne images to utilize custom-made ones instead. Expect these changes to appear with Shine 0.7 Beta, later this year.


If you have Shine installed on your computer right now, it should inform you of a new update when you open it sometime in the next 24 hours (or install the update immediately via the Options window).

Otherwise, you can download Shine 0.6.1 Beta now!


The next update coming up will be Shine 0.6.2, where I’ll be trying to implement the remainder of the Nova system’s features. Shine 0.6.2 Beta is planned for the end of June. There will also be a Shine 0.6.3 in early to mid-July.

After that, we’ll be in the final stretch! Shine 0.7 Beta is planned for September, and then the stable Shine 1.0 towards the end of the year. I’m excited for the future of Shine, and I hope you’ll look forward to seeing what will come next.


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