An Update to Shine’s Terms of Use

Greetings! Sorry for the long silence again. Rest assured, progress is still being made in regards to Shine. I’ll admit this progress may be a little slow, though.

In the meantime, though, I have gone back and revisited the Terms of Use document that accompanies every version of Shine and is also displayed here on the website. There were a number of aspects to the document that I had decided needed updating, and so here we are!

A lot of the changes I’ve made to the Terms of Use document are changes in regards to being more clear with my intentions. My intentions, of course, are to allow you to do whatever you want with your data, to use Shine for almost any purpose you see fit, and to store and use Shine for free on any of your devices. I don’t want to bog you down with restrictions or concerns about privacy or anything like that.

But there are certain key things that I also do find valuable, such as keeping ownership and control over my source code and Shine not being used to perform anything illegal.

My intentions have always been the same since the beginning, but I think that sometimes that was a bit muddled or unclear with the old version of the terms. That was the biggest thing I wanted to clarify, and I believe that with these updates here, I’ve succeeded in doing just that.

There are some other notable changes that I also do want to let you know about:

  • From now on, the version of the Terms of Use that is on this website will always be considered the version you agree to and abide by.
  • More effort will be done on my part to notify you if I change the Terms of Use again in the future, including another blog post just like this one.
  • You can install Shine on as many devices as you’d like, and even have a backup copy on a CD or flash drive as well – as long as you’re not doing so to sell or give copies to others (instead, people are always able to download Shine from my website here)
  • You may start seeing a shortened list that hits the key points of the Terms of Use in future versions of Shine. That way, you have a quick and easy idea as to what my intentions are, right away. 🙂
  • More clarity about data collection and what I do with any data I collect. None of it is to personally identify you; most of it is done so we can make those fancy infographic type things you see around and stuff like that.
  • Another addition about your data and privacy: I made it clear that I don’t collect, store, or do anything about your Google Drive data. This is to bring the Terms of Use in line with requirements that Google is setting on all 3rd-party software that connects to Google Drive directly.

Think of the Terms of Use as the ground rules that we set between you and I when you start using Shine. With these terms, you don’t have to worry about what I wanna do, and I don’t have to worry about what you wanna do.

Of course, a lot of it comes across as legal mumbo-jumbo. I don’t think I know anyone (besides myself) who takes the time to read through the terms and agreements for any of the software they download and use. That’s why I’m trying to be helpful, doing things like making this blog post and presenting the key points list in Shine itself. I want to let you know what I’m thinking and wanting, without you needing to sit down and read through a bunch of dry text.

I’m always available for questions and clarification too. I do want to be open about this! Whether it’s on this website, on Twitter, or elsewhere, I’m glad to answer anything you want.

Until next time,


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