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When you add (or make) extensions for Shine, they can open up a whole lot of possibilities for you. You can connect to services and access functions that Shine doesn’t include out-of-the-box, and you can perform actions that would otherwise take a lot of time or effort, with just a simple click.

However, with the amount of power we give extensions access to, I can’t guarantee what they’ll do with it.

Thus, I offer you this notice:

I don’t have the ability to control what an extension can or cannot do, beyond deciding what features we include in our API (the code that allows an extension to talk to Shine). Extensions can see all of your calendars, all the events in your calendars, and the ability to edit any of these things. This gives them a lot of flexibility in what they’re able to do, but sometimes that can be something you may not want.

Most extensions are made by people who aren’t involved with making Shine nor have any connection to the person who does make Shine. This means that if you’re asking me, the developer of Shine, for help with an extension, I can’t really help you. I don’t know what any person’s extension is supposed to do, and I don’t even know who that person is. The best I can offer is to disable the extension if it causes problems or damage.

So, when downloading and installing an extension, try your best to make sure it’s from a source you trust (or verified by a source you trust). Safety and security are top concerns in today’s computing world, and a lot of that comes down to the individual doing their research. I can’t provide you all the answers here, unfortunately.

I don’t want to paint extensions as dangerous nor the people who make them to be bad people. I want to give extension makers as much power as I can, because with that power, some awesome extensions can definitely appear. A lot of major programs are improved by their extensions, and we don’t want Shine to be any different.

So don’t see this as a warning to shy away from extensions or as a call to avoid them or anything. Instead, see this as a message (a notice, if you will) to just be careful and don’t download things from places you don’t trust.

If you’re a business that makes custom extensions for internal use, or a fellow programmer that makes extensions for everyone to use, and you want to ask me any questions or reach out about support options or talk about anything at all, do be sure to contact me. I want to create the best experience, for everyone involved.