Install Assist Start Arguments

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The Install Assist program is used to help users manage their Shine Calendar installation, as is covered in the What is Install Assist page.

Although most end users will be directed to go through the GUI when they interact with this program, it has a number of optional arguments that can be used instead! (These arguments are also referred to as “command-line arguments”.)

Refer to the table below:

Argument Shortcode Notes
-about -a, -info, -i Displays information about Install Assist, Shine Calendar, and Windows. Useful for diagnostics/troubleshooting and displaying relevant system info.
-hardreset -hr Performs a hard reset. Shine is reinstalled and the user’s settings and data is deleted.
-help -h, -? Displays a help page (not unlike this one, but not as detailed).

Note that this can’t be combined with other arguments to provide more details about them.

-info N/A See “-about”.
-quiet -q, -noui Activates “quiet mode”, where GUI is not displayed. Combine this with other arguments to perform that operation without GUI. Useful if you’re interacting with Install Assist through a console.

Note that if an operation is unable to be completed in quiet mode, the program will exit with a nonzero exit code, rather than displaying a dialog to rectify the issue. Please see the “Install Assist Exit Codes” page for more information.

-reset -e Displays the reset options to the user. Even in quiet mode, the GUI will be displayed.
-skipconfirm -sc For sensitive operations (such as uninstalling or hard resetting), skips the confirm screen asking the user to continue. It’s recommended to only use this argument if you provide some other way for the user to confirm their choice.

Note that if the “-quiet” argument is also used, no confirmation prompt is given.

-softreset -s, -sr Performs a soft reset. The user’s settings are deleted.
-uninstall -u Starts the uninstall process, while electing to keep the user’s local calendars.
-uninstallall -ua Starts the uninstall process, while also deleting the user’s local calendars.