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Among the various executable files and libraries that make up the Shine installation, you may notice one particular program called InstallAssist.exe and became curious about it.

Here, I’ll explain the program, how to access it, and what you can do with it.

What does Install Assist do?

Install Assist (full name: Shine Installation Assist) is a program to help you manage your Shine Calendar installation, basically. This is the integrated application that can be used to modify your installation, reset it if it’s begun acting weird, or uninstall it from your computer altogether.

Install Assist will only run in one of two conditions: 1) Shine starts it to help install an update. 2) You start it yourself or you press a button that will start it. Install Assist will not keep running in the background, and is not required to be running for Shine to operate properly. Note, however, if you delete Install Assist, you’ll lose the ability to easily modify or uninstall Shine.

So although its role is not particularly integral to the day-to-day usage of Shine itself, Install Assist is still an essential program to be able to ensure you have a good experience with Shine.

How do I start Install Assist?

Install Assist can be started in one of multiple ways.

Method 1 (only for Windows 7, 8, 8.1)

  1. Open the Control Panel and select “Programs and Features”. Then select “Add or Remove Programs”. (If you don’t use category view in the Control Panel, just look for “Add or Remove Programs”.)
  2. Search for Shine Calendar in the list that appears. Select it. (May take some time to load.) Select the “Modify” option to open Install Assist to its main menu, or the “Uninstall” option to open Install Assist and start the uninstall process.

Method 2 (only for Windows 10)

  1. Open the Settings app (the gear icon in the Start menu). Select “Apps”. You should be on the “Apps & Features” page, but if you aren’t, select it.
  2. Wait a moment for the list to load, and then search for Shine Calendar. Select it to expand the entry. Select the “Modify” option to open Install Assist to its main menu, or the “Uninstall” option to open Install Assist and start the uninstall process.

Method 3 (for advanced users)

  1. Open the Command Prompt (cmd.exe) or the Windows Run dialog.
  2. Type in “C:\Program Files\Shine\InstallAssist.exe”. (If you’ve installed Shine in a different location, use that location again. This location can be found using Install Assist itself (see the Troubleshooting page).)
  3. When ready, press Enter. Install Assist will start.

By using the Command Prompt, you’ll be able to also use arguments to modify how Install Assist starts. The “-quiet” argument can be used to output to the prompt window rather than using GUI.

How do I use Install Assist?

Install Assist is built to allow you to quickly and easily reach the function you’re looking for. It is important to read the text on the screen, though, as some options can irreversibly delete or modify your data.

Install Assist’s main menu has three options:

  1. “Modify”: use the options in here to modify how Shine is installed, or to collect information about Shine to help with troubleshooting
  2. “Reset”: reset Shine to a clean-install state, in case your settings have become corrupted
  3. “Uninstall”: completely remove Shine from your computer

Select the one you’re looking for and be on your way!