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The core element of Shine Calendar is… well, the calendars. Kinda part of the title, y’know?

Anyway, are you looking for more information about how to bring your calendars into Shine? Or maybe you need to figure out how to do something, like adding an event or changing its name. Or maybe maybe you want more info on the process Shine takes to interact with Google Calendar and Office 365? Or maybe maybe maybe… something else?

Well, if it’s related to calendars, you’ll probably find it here.

General Info

What even is a Calendar?
Local Calendar vs Online Calendar: what’s the difference?

Importing/Creating Calendars

Creating a Calendar
Importing from Google Calendar
Importing from Office 365
Importing from a File

Using a Calendar

What do you do with a Calendar?
Show/Hide Calendars
Calendar Properties
Syncing a Calendar
Deleting a Calendar
Exporting a Calendar
Calendar Encryption

Also, see our help section all about events, how to edit them, and all that jazz!

Advanced Details

How Shine communicates with Google Calendar
How Shine communicates with Office 365

Also, see our Privacy Policy!

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