The Main Window

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While using Shine, the window you’ll see and deal with most often is called the “main window”. This is the window that contains your calendar view, and all the buttons and menu options that will lead you to other windows and other functions of Shine.

The main window has a few key components:

  1. The menu bar
  2. The toolbar
  3. The calendar view
  4. The sidebar
  5. The date bar

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If you need help with using the main window or any of its components, look no further! Use one of the subtopics below to find the help you’re looking for.

General Info

Using the Main Window

Menu Bar and Toolbar

Menu Commands Reference
The Options and Help Menus
Customizing the Toolbar (Options)
Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts (Options)

Calendar View

Month View
Year View
Week View
Day View

The Sidebar and Date Bar

The Sidebar
The Date Bar

Other Windows and Tasks

The Go to Date Window
Finding Events (Events and Tasks)