The Go to Date Window

Help > Main Window > Go to Date Window

Have you ever just wanted to view your events for a specific date? Well, now you can, using this brand-new, limited-time-offer Go to Date window! Available with 3 payments of $19.99.

Joking aside, the Go to Date window can be accessed in various ways from the main window, and can be used to jump to any date you’re looking for. After you select a date and press “OK”, Shine will load that specific day.


The Go to Date window has three major components:

  1. The date selector – This is where you put in the date you want to go to. You can click the little calendar icon on the side to show a mini-calendar to select your date from.
  2. The view selector – This is where you can select what view to use when you jump to this date. By default, Shine just uses the view you’re currently using, but you can have it change to a different one instead if that’s your preference.
  3. The OK and Cancel buttons – A common staple in most dialog windows, the OK and Cancel buttons are where you tell the window if you want to continue through with the operation or not. “OK” means do it, “Cancel” means… cancel it.

The process really couldn’t be any easier: select the date you want, select the view you want, and click OK.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Shine does have a limit on which days it can show. Specifically, it will only show days between years 2010 and 2076. This is a hard limitation within Shine itself.
  • If you click “OK” without selecting a date, you’ll get a message telling you to do so.
  • The Go to Date window will respect your settings on the Date and Time option pane (specifically, the short date string and your first day of the week setting).