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The Date and Time category contains options related to how you deal with dates and times in your day-to-day life. This includes things like your time zone, the way that you write a date, and the first day of the week for you.

These options are divided into sub-categories:

Time Zone

This subcategory displays the time zone that you’re currently using (going off its IANA name), and also displays whether or not you observe Daylight Saving Time.

Certain time zones observe Daylight Saving Time while others don’t, so if you live in a time zone that doesn’t observe it, make sure this text matches that!

The “Change” button leads to the Change Time Zone window. Learn more about it here:

Changing Your Time Zone

Text Format

This subcategory is all about how you write dates and times. It offers three different displays:

  • A long date display – something like “Saturday, September 5, 2015” or “Saturday, 5 September 2015”. Usually includes the full month name and full weekday name.
  • A short date display – something like “9/5/2015” or “05-09-2015” or something else. Usually is just used to quickly convey which day we’re talking about. This is what Shine uses most often to display dates.
  • A time display – something like “2:15 PM” or “14:15”. This is how Shine will display times to you.

You should make sure that these displays are in a format that you can read and understand, or you’ll cause problems for yourself down the road! When you set up Shine for the first time, Shine will use the text format that matches the country you said you live in.

Here, though, you have the option to customize and modify the text format to be whatever you would like. Again, though, we stress you use a format that you know you can understand. You can change this by clicking the “Change” button.

Learn more about the Change Text Format window here:

Changing Your Text Format


This subcategory contains options about how you would use real-life calendars. For example, do you use a certain calendar system, such as the Islamic Calendar or the Indian National Calendar? Or do you start your weeks on a Monday? This is the place to change these options.

Calendar System

This is where you change which calendar system you use. Most people around the world use the Gregorian system (with 12 months, the first being January, and a leap day occurring in February). If your calendar system has more or less than 12 months, or your first month isn’t January, then it seems you’re probably using a different calendar system.

Select the calendar system you use from the drop-down provided to change it.

Note that not all calendar systems in the world are here. I’ve not yet gotten around to implementing all of the calendar systems I want to implement yet. If there’s a specific calendar system you’d like me to look into, let me know!

First Day of Week

For some cultures and locations, the first day of the week is a Monday. For some, it’s a Sunday. For others, it’s a Saturday. Here you have the option to choose your destiny of how weeks will be displayed in Shine!

Select the first day of the week for you, using the drop-down provided.

If your calendar ends up looking a bit weird (like, the days aren’t in the right columns in the month view), this option may be the culprit. Be sure to select the day that makes the most sense to you, to prevent further confusion later.

When you start up Shine for the first time, Shine will select the first day of the week that matches the country that you said you lived in.