Changing Your Time Zone

Help > Options > Date and Time > Select Time Zone
The Select Time Zone window allows you to select a time zone, using one of three methods.

Select Time Zone window

Method 1: Select from a list of time zones

For this method, you can simply select your time zone from a long list of all time zones that Shine has built-in.

The time zones, in this list, use the names from the IANA time zone database. These names are the names of the biggest cities within each time zone (with some exceptions). To find the time zone you want, look for the time zone that contains the name of the biggest city in your time zone.

For example, if you wish to use the Eastern U.S. time zone, New York is the biggest city in this time zone. From this list, you would want to find the time zone named “America/New_York”.

Method 2: Select by country

Probably one of the quickest methods, you select your time zone by first selecting the country the time zone is in. Note that only the countries that Shine is supported in will be listed here.

First, you select the country your desired time zone is in. For those of you who live in territories, select the country that has ownership over the territory (for example, those in Puerto Rico will want to select “United States”).

Second, select the time zone you wish to use from those in this country. If the selected country only has one time zone, that time zone will be automatically selected.

For example, if you wish to use the Mountain U.S. time zone, you would first select the United States in the first drop-down list. In the second drop-down list, you would select “Mountain Time”.

Method 3: Type in an offset

Use this method when you wish for a time zone that cannot be selected with either of the other methods.

For this method, you must know what the offset value of the time zone is. This can usually be easily figured out with a little bit of online research.

Enter in the offset value, in hours and minutes, in the text boxes provided.

Additional Notes
At this time, Shine does not support Daylight Saving Time, so no options are provided for that. If you need to use the Daylight Time for a time zone, either select a time zone that has the same offset on Standard Time, or use Type in an offset to enter in the offset value of Daylight Time for the time zone.

Shine will not allow you to confirm your change in the dialog if one or more of the conditions are true:

  • The Time zone drop-down is empty, if Select by country is selected
  • The Offset from UTC text values are not valid numbers, if Type in an offset is selected