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What information do you collect?

We mainly want to see if the installation of Shine goes off without a hitch for users. We also want to see what kind of options users select or don’t select. For example, we’re curious to see what percentage of our users have an unsuccessful Shine installation, and what options they selected that maybe lead to this being unsuccessful.

When this data is sent in, it’s usually just some numbers and text which gets added to a big table that we have on our end. There’s absolutely nothing in the table that could possibly identify you individually (unless you’re the only person in the world to have a certain error happen!).

Why do you want this information?

It helps us see things like how often installations fail (and why), and how often certain options are used or not used.

The most important part, of course, is the installation fail part. If you successfully install Shine, then cool! We’re not so worried about the data you send in. But if an error occurs or something happens, we’d like to know why. By having this data sent in, we can use this to perhaps lead us to where the problem is, and then fix it!

We honestly don’t have much of an interest in what’s on your computer, how your life is going, or anything like that. At least, not on a mass data collection scale. We’d like you to choose how you open yourselves up to us!

Why is it opt-out instead of opt-in?

We feel that most users would be okay with this anonymous data collection, given the following:

  • They’re told about this option up front, and given a chance to turn it off (and to do so easily)
  • They’re told what this option means, and what we do with what we collect
  • We don’t beat around the bush

Of course, some users don’t want this option enabled, and so the option is right there to turn it off. It won’t affect your experience of installing Shine, or using Shine thereafter, in any way.

Additionally, if you don’t want to deal with data collection at all, use the Offline Installer, where there is no collection. Note that the Offline Installer doesn’t have all the options though.

Privacy Policy

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