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Shine won’t work on every computer, toaster, or metal-box-with-a-plug out there.

Shine is going to require your device meet a few things before they can play along nicely. This page will detail what all Shine is looking for, so before you start leaping in head-first, maybe see if your device is up to snuff.

Along with the required items you’ll need, you’ll also see some recommendations that we have for your device. If your device meets these recommendations as well, you’ll have an easier time with Shine, and maybe even potentially have less headaches down the road.

These recommendations are just that, though: recommendations. You aren’t really required to get that mushroom for Mario to beat Bowser. But the mushroom will probably make life a bit easier. Same thing here. … Except with less scary, fire-breathing reptile kings.

Shine for Windows

If you’re using a laptop or desktop computer (like, the thing that you use a mouse with), this is probably the version of Shine you’ll be looking for.

Note: if your mouse-using machine has an Apple logo on it, you may or may not be dealing with a Mac. Shine will not natively work on Macs, sorry!

Item Requirement Recommendation
Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Windows 10 (with newest updates)
Processor 1 GHz or more 2 cores (or more), 1.7 GHz or more
Hard Drive Free Space 15 MB* 50 MB*
.NET Framework 4.6.1* 4.6.1 or later*

If you’re not understanding some of the terms on here, perhaps you should try contacting one of your computer nerd friends and asking them for their assistance.

* If your computer doesn’t have .NET Framework installed, add a 4.5 GB (yes, GB) to that number. You’ll also need admin rights on your computer to install the .NET Framework. If you have Windows 10 with the November (1511) update or newer though, you’re already good to go!

Shine for Android

If you use your device to open apps, play Angry Birds (or whatever the big fad is these days), and sometimes maybe make phone calls, you may be dealing with a smartphone here.

If your smartphone has an Apple logo or a Windows logo, you’re not using an Android phone, and Shine won’t be compatible. However, Shine will be coming to your smartphone soon!

Item Requirement Recommendation
Operating System Android 4.1 or higher Android 5.0 or higher
Storage Free Space 150 MB 175 MB

Shine Universal

If you have a Windows 10 device (whether it’s a mouse-using computer or an Angry Bird-playing smartphone), you also have the option of Shine Universal. It’s a slimmed down version of Shine made to integrate into Windows 10 itself.

Item Requirement Recommendation
Operating System Windows 10 (with November update 1511) Windows 10 (with newest updates)
Storage Free Space 25 MB 50 MB