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Taking the plunge and installing Shine? Cool!

Installers can sometimes be a bit of a scary process, but I’ve tried to make Shine’s installer easy to follow and understand. This page will walk you through, step by step, how to install Shine though.

1. The Welcome Screen

This page doesn’t really have anything for you to click on or mess with. As you should see, though, an Internet connection is something that you will need for the installation to go through!

Click Next when you’re ready to begin.

2. The First things first! Screen

The installer needs to check a few things before you can even think about installing Shine:

  • Internet connection: if the installer doesn’t detect a connection, this will fail and you won’t be able to continue. You can click “Recheck” to have it check again.
  • .NET Framework: this is a Microsoft component that’s needed for Shine to work. Depending upon your computer, you may already have the version needed! If not, the installer will install it for you when the time comes.
  • Shine already installed: if you already have Shine installed, this will appear. This is more just something to let you know about. If you’re installing a newer version installed, however, you may lose some settings or data if you continue with this installation.

As long as there’s no red X’s, that means you’re able to keep going! Click Next to continue.

3. The Shine Terms of Use Screen

Ah yes, now comes the fun part where you’re shown a big wall of text which you’ll agree to without ever reading it.

Of course, you totally can read it, and I legally must say I recommend you do! The Terms of Use lays out the legal agreement between you and I; as long as you use Shine, you’ll be under these Terms of Use. So if you wanna know what you’re signing up for, here’s the place to find out.

The Terms of Use are also available on this here website, available for you to not-read at any time! (Which you can quickly do via the “View Online” button.) The installer also offers a nifty little “Print” button if you wanna keep your own copy for whatever reason.

If you agree to the terms, click the “I agree” checkbox and click Next. If you don’t, click “Cancel” to cancel the installation.

4. The Install Options Screen

This screen is where you get to decide a few things before we start installing Shine.

  • Install Shine to: This determines where on your computer Shine will be placed. By default, Shine is put into your Program Files folder (usually on your C drive), but if you want to specify a custom location, select “Change…” and see step 4a. below.
  • Create shortcut on desktop: Create a shortcut to access Shine on your desktop. As long as you have that there, you can use it to quickly open up Shine.
  • Create shortcut on start menu: Add an option for Shine to your start menu. It’s recommended to keep this checked.
  • Start Shine tray icon when I log in: Have the Shine tray icon appear when you log into your computer. It’ll sit down in the corner with your other icons, available whenever you may happen to need it. You can use the icon to quickly open Shine or do some other things.

(There may be situations where you won’t be allowed to continue, and the text below the “Install Shine to:” section will be in bold. This’ll happen if you don’t have enough space on your main hard drive, the path to your Program Files folder is too long, or it couldn’t find your Program Files folder. In this case, you’ll want to click the “Change…” button and either select a different hard drive or folder to put Shine into.)

When you’ve set the options you’d like, you can click Next.

4a. The Install Location Screen

This screen allows you to change where Shine is installed to. When all is said and done, this is the folder you’ll find Shine in. Shine has a default location (your Program Files folder) that it’ll use, but if there’s a problem or you just want to use a different folder, you’ll be able to change it here.

  • The “Install Shine to this location” box tells the installer what location you want to put Shine into.
    • You can change this location by typing in the box, or pressing the “Change…” button.
    • Did you type in something else but you changed your mind? You can always click the “Use Default” button to go back to what the installer usually goes with. This will be your Program Files folder.
  • The “Install Shine for:” section allows you to set if you want other users on your computer to use Shine, or if you only want it for yourself. If other users have access to the folder that Shine is installed to, though, they’ll still be able to use Shine.
  • The Free space lines tell you some information about how much free space you have, and how much you’ll need.
    • The “Free space on drive” text tells you how much free space you have right now.
    • The “Free space needed” text tells you how much is needed to install Shine. If you don’t have enough space, then obviously Shine can’t be installed. (If you need to install .NET Framework, the space needed for that is shown here too.)
    • The “Free space remaining” text tells you how much free space you’ll have after Shine is installed. Keep this in mind if you’re worried about having room for other things.

There may be messages at the bottom of the window. These messages tell you some info to keep in mind as you’re going along.

Messages with a red “X” means the something is wrong and you can’t continue. (Generally this means that the location you’ve typed into the box can’t be used, or there isn’t enough free space to actually install Shine.) Messages with a yellow triangle means that the installer wants to warn you about something, but it’s not a dealbreaker.

  • If the message says “Administrator access will be needed”, well… it means administrator access will be needed. Pretty straightforward.
    • If you’re just using your own computer, this will generally mean Windows will ask you to allow the installer to install when the time comes. No big deal.
    • If you’re using a company or school computer, though, you’ll need to contact your IT manager or other official to be able to allow the installation.
    • If you type in or select a location that you have full access to, you may be able to install Shine there without administrator access needed.
  • If the message says “This installer does not support long paths”, you’ve selected or typed a folder that the installer can’t use.
    • Select a different path and you should be fine.
  • If the message says “Not a valid location”, you’ve typed a path that isn’t actually valid.
    • Generally, paths will start with a drive letter (such as “C”), followed by a colon and a slash. If your path doesn’t have that, there’s your problem. You can use the “Change…” button to select a folder.
    • This does mean that Shine cannot be installed onto network/remote folders that aren’t mapped to a drive letter. You’ll either want to map that network folder, or find a local location to install it to.

Once you’ve found a location you like (and there’s no red X’s), you can click OK to use that location. Click Cancel to exit the dialog without making any changes.

5. The Are You Ready? Screen

This is it! Here, you’ll get a quick overview of what’s about to be installed, and also a list of things you’ll want to keep in mind.

Once you’re ready to go, click the “Install” button and the installation will begin!

6. The Installing Screen

The Installing screen for Shine Installer

Here, all you have to do is sit and wait. The installer will go through the steps one by one. Usually, this should only take a minute or two.

Note: some steps may require you to approve something or go through a few more questions. We recommend you don’t walk away from your computer while this is going on, in case you’re needed for something.

7a. Success! (The All Done screen)

The All Done screen for Shine Installer

If you see this screen, that means you’re ready to go!

You may see some text and a checkbox asking you to restart your computer. If you do see them, please restart your computer before you use Shine. Check the box if you’re ready to restart right away. (You’ll wanna save whatever you’re doing beforehand!)

When you’re ready, click “Close” to close the installer. If you checked the checkbox, the computer will then restart.

7b. Failure! (The Installation Failed screen)

The Installation Failed screen for Shine Installer

If you see this screen, this means something happened! Ultimately, Shine wasn’t able to be installed, and nothing was changed.

The reason text will tell you why the installation failed. If you’re tech-savvy, you can possibly use this info to determine what went wrong. Otherwise, you can find a tech-savvy friend or reach out to me to figure out what to do next.

Click the “Close” button to close the installer.

Have other questions?

Check the Frequently Asked Questions to see if your question was answered there. Otherwise, you can contact me and see if I can help!