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What should I do to prepare my computer before I install Shine?

Make sure you have all of the latest updates installed on your computer. Shine will not work if certain updates are not installed.

What is required on my computer for Shine to work?

Check the System Requirements page for which items are needed for Shine.

How long will it take for Shine to install?

The installation should be done within 15 minutes, if all the other required items are already installed. It may take up to an additional 2 hours if some of the required items are missing.

Why is an Internet connection required to install Shine?

The installer downloads Shine and its other components from the Internet to install. If you do not have a stable Internet connection for installing Shine, please use the Offline Installer (not yet available). An Internet connection is not required to run Shine itself, after it is installed.

(Note: the offline installer will not allow you to install extra components such as developer tools. An Internet connection is required to download and install those components.)

I get a message telling me I need .NET Framework 4.5 installed while trying to install Shine. What do I do?

This appears if you’re running Windows 7 and don’t have the latest updates installed. You have two options:

  1. Install the latest updates to your computer (which should include .NET Framework 4.5 or a later version), restart it, and try again.
  2. Use the Fallback Installer (not yet available) which will install .NET Framework for you alongside Shine, and then restart your computer.

Is it possible to install Shine without needing administrator access?

Yes, it is possible! But the following things need to be true:

  • You must already have .NET Framework 4.7.1 on your computer. This item requires admin access to be installed, no matter what.
  • You must install Shine to a directory that you have access to, such as your Documents folder. You can change this on the “Install Location” screen.
  • You must make sure the option “Only me” is selected on the “Install Location” screen.

The installer will notify you if you need administrator access on the bottom of the “Are you ready?” screen. If you don’t see that notification, you’ll be able to install Shine without admin access.

What “anonymous data” is collected by the Shine installer?

(Note that early versions of the installer don’t have a data collection feature/option. To check if the installer has it, start it up and see if there is a checkbox to opt into or out of the data collection feature. If the checkbox is not there, no data is collected.)

We have a page just about this: Installer Anonymous Data Collection.